White Male Privilege Poem

It is my white male privilege to bring you this poem

Of my creative genius and superior decorum

I understand why you are jealous of my magnetism

But at this point I will not accept any more of your criticism

I am open minded liberal and will gladly accept at any time a simple debate

Where I promise I surely will intellectually dominate

There is no place to hide the prose that I articulate

For I will expose your jealousy of who I am which produces your hate

My white male superiority is what you, not myself call me

As my ancestors built the civilizations everyone wants to be as they flee

The backwards ass countries that have continuously failed because they are lazy

It is apparent that you look at what my ancestors built with envy

If you are that stupid not to see the racism and sexism directed to me

As Multiculturalism and Diversity are a racist ashkeNAZI yid subversive LIES like it is their hobby

As the yid projects their evil onto the masses in an inverted fashion

I have thrown off their despicable satanic mind control with quite a passion

FACTS prove that the yid Holohoax is a filthy despicable LIE

Meant to glean empathy from the white race they are jealous of as that is why

The mind control works so well as history is nothing as the yid continues to falsify

As their morally degenerate filthy mind steeps into abyss like a despicable dick sucking rabbi

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