Orwell’s animal farm Rockefeller death shot Grant Wahl edition!

After being inundated with the most trusted news source for Orwell’s animal farm in CNN, the stupider animals were scared of a made up scamdemic and believed this without a single fact to back any of it up. Because language being surreptitiously reduced due to political correctness, the majority of the animals believed this because the party told you to reject all evidence of your ears and eyes.  This as we know was their final, most essential command.

Grant Wahl was a very prideful parakeet who had a very acute case of I am right disease as a simpleton regurgitating soccer reporter.  Being extremely prideful he tried to get into the Qatari soccer tournament wearing shirt showing he supported morally depraved sexual deviancy and the grooming of children with pride.  Being one of the stupider animals he could not comprehend this connection in the least.  

Grant sure has pride! Looks like he no longer needs it!

However Grant the prideful parakeet was fully clot shotted and boosted and now is completely protected since he dropped dead. Grant the parakeet will no longer get interrupted by getting sick while reporting on Soccer because he will no longer reporting on Soccer!

If Grant would not have been fully protected, his death would have been much worse!

Grant was one of a plethora of stupider animals who unfortunately could never get past the letter A. FACTS about the poison ingredients in the clot shot obviously were irrevelant to Grant since he could not comprehend them.

Sudden cow pie syndrome is totally baffling the experts!

The experts are completely baffled obviously all over Orwell’s farm and have decided to dig up the outhouse to see if they can connect any dots. 

Gosh, these “experts” are NOT alive!

Grant the parakeet was reportedly seen in Nellie the cows stall shortly before he mysteriously passed away, and it has baffled experts who have been calling this situation Sudden cow pie syndrome.  This sudden cow pie syndrome is now the leading cause of death and nobody has a clue!

He obviously misspelled cow pie right?

Luckily and by a complete cohencidence, Grant the parakeet’s wife is on vegetable Biden’s task force along with Greta Humbug the social justice warrior for clean manure to spread this said manure everywhere so they can figure out what happened to Grant the parakeet. Snoball the pig obviously led the task force since the all the pigs know best.

Lot’s of sudden cow pie syndrome occuring on Orwell’s animal farm nowadays isn’t there?

Vegetable Biden’s task force has been meeting in Nellie’s cow stall for some time now on Orwell’s farm.  This has prompted some member’s of said task force to label anyone who says cow pies smell as extremists and conspiracy theorists!

KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive!!

This incensed Greta humbug the social justice warrior for clean manure that she burst out at the radicals who say cow pies smell and burst out in madness saying “HOW DARE YOU!”

Gosh, Greta is a useless eating egotistically RETARDED faulty inbred? Oy Vey!!

This prompted an investigation by “experts” on this Sudden cow pie syndrome” and a scientific study since everyone was so baffled on the cause of said smell. Anyone who stated cow pies smell must be relentlessly labelled in the propaganda media a conspiracy theorist and extremist snoball tasked some social media influencers from tik tok to quash misinformation about cow pies smelling. Vegetable Biden was not invited to the meeting since he drooled on them last time.

These dots are really hard to connect aren’t they?

Any YouTub video that stated cow pies smell quickly was branded as disinformation and a wikipewdia link to each of these videos stated cow pies are safe and perfume like.

If you are unable to figure out your gender, Sudden cow pie syndrome is lethal!

But at least CNN has told all the animals that just because people are dropping dead from taking the clot shot to not be concerned, because if you cannot figure out they are murdering innocent babies are the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, how could you make the connection here?  Besides, to avoid all human influences, the animals were told to memorize the basics of complete knowledge.  Terms such as keep safe by social distancing since you are told to do so, wear your slave mask because oxygen is not needed for the braindead, and take your clot shot as you will no longer get sick after you are dead.  These phrases, Snoball said, contained the essential principle of Animalism. Whoever had thoroughly grasped it would be safe from human influences. The birds who were good friends with Grant the parakeet at first objected, since it seemed to them being dead was not so good, but Snowball proved to them that this was not so, since then they no longer could get sick.

Orwell was Right!!

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