“History is a money changer LIE commonly agreed upon!”

From the Great Tartaria to the earth being FLAT, this is merely the start of all the LIES!  It never ends!

People get scared of a FLAT earth? Truly unbelievable!

All death and destruction is a money changer business model, as all wars are fought for profit as the whole medical system is designed to profit off of your early demise.  Money is the root of all evil is actually an understatement!

The ashkeNAZI yid holohoax is nonsense, as 66 million white Christians were murdered by satan’s minion’s in Russia. Almost all death camps were run by repulsive RETARDED dick sucking rabbi filth! This is exactly what Hitler was fighting and this what is happening in America and around the world today!

The few control the many as the Racist supremacist subversive LYING propaganda media controls the minds of men as it is all garbage as the TV is pure satanic programming.

Don’t tell the truth about the useless eating narcissistically RETARDED star of remphan 666 yids! It may upset their fragile egos!

Vegetable Biden is not even in control of his bladder much less a hot dog stand. He is most likely just a clone anyway.

Like vegetable Biden won? Presidents are selected by the money changers, not elected in the least!

Satanic pedophiles who will eventually burn in the fiery pit actually control the world as they are narcissitic RETARDS in love with themselves, and are jealous of people who actually have empathy.

It is more than obvious that the walking programmable zombies of antifa are a Racist domestic terrorist HATE group, and protected by the pedophile masters! Are they not all mentally deranged putrid vulgar catatonic KKK slavery demonrat TRASH? Why yes they are! Oy Vey!

The people who actually do control the world are miserable faulty inbreds who have been deceived by satan himself, as they are trying to destroy the world

What a cohencidence the Church of satan was founded by one of the ugly smelly serpent seed! Just a FACT so obviously people will ignore in our Brave New World!

The LIARS perpetuate the climate change hoax while spraying the skies with Chem trails, perpetuate the holohoax while doing just another one of their genocides with the Rockefeller death shot which will be killing billions whom they regard as cattle, but it really is they who are sheep being led by the master of LIARS himself, satan.

Isn’t this the truth?

If you haven’t figured out everything is completely inverted by now and something is wrong, then I am afraid I cannot help you.

I hope some supposed Christians are not upset I am using bible verses! Bible verses may upset those who have prideful beliefs from their organized religion!

Being awake as I am I knew this whole genocide was coming as the useless eaters tell you what they are going to do.  But I also knew people would not listen as the narcissistic RETARDS knew that also unfortunately. The masses simply are controlled by their ego and refuse to admit they are wrong or too do a little bit of research before they inject some unknown substance into their body.

I just love when people tell me I don’t listen while they are not listening! It’s my favorite! I hope a bible verse doesn’t offend anyone? The bible is LITERAL!!

I did all I could do to stop the idiocrasy, but what done is done.  People will have to accept their prideful errors if they took the clot shot.  I do not accept blame from anyone who is a gullible moron who took this damn shot as I told everyone I could to NOT take it.  I knew it before it even started.

No FLAT earther took the clot shot! That is because they figured out one of the biggest LIES of all. All those who took the clot shot were wacked out conspiracy globberyists who do not question authority! It is that black and white!

Not everyone is like me who has been asked by a Baroness if I wanted to help kill people.  She saw how awake I was and obviously we discussed just how stupid most people are.  I could not deny the complete Trance people are in, and that trance made it so they would not listen to me.

Brave New World!! It is NOT fiction in the least!

All I can say if the truth offends you then you probably took the clot shot.  I told you so!

The truth is just the truth!

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