Breaking Brave New World news!  Prideful pro Rockefeller death shot gullible morons are dying in droves!

All those people who were pushing to get everyone to take the Rockefeller death shot while lambasting people like myself against all vaccines are dropping dead like crazy!  Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

A RETARDED joo york times reporter! The world is a better place when RACIST prideful BIGOTED catatonic KKK slavery lefties DIE!! Another RACIST bitch bites the dust!! LMAO!!

If all you can do is regurgitate what the propaganda msm says you are braindead period.  I knew this was going to happen as the satanic pedophiles who run the world told us about the depopulation event beforehand, but they knew people do not read.

The idiots merely selected themselves! Good riddance!!

If someone took the clot shot they are RETARDED!  It is that simple and black and white.  Will I get an apology from those people before they die?  No, they will go to their deathbed never wanting to admit they are wrong.  That is their pride as they would rather die than think.  It is their choice not mine.  At least maybe when they are dying?

Hilarious vid showing Barry talking about his husband Michael! Courtesy of Owen Benjamin! In a way poison vaccine related right?

The follow up to the sudden infant death syndrome caused by the poison vaccines to nowadays the sudden adult syndrome also caused by the poison vaccines is like watching a comedy yet is pure tragedy.  I knew it right from the beginning as it was all blatantly obvious.

God’s upcoming destruction of sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL maggots will be sweet! The ugly smelly narcissistically RETARDED faulty inbreds deserve their fiery pit destination!! The useless dross will be defecated on for eternity! LMAO!!

2 responses to “Breaking Brave New World news!  Prideful pro Rockefeller death shot gullible morons are dying in droves!”

  1. Why don’t you post a picture of yourself here Angelo? Clearly you can upload pics without trouble and no women will see it…


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