The human mind is extremely programmable!

In the book Tranceformation of America, Cathy O’Brien talks about how she was used as a sex slave for the satanic pedophile cabal infernal bankster scum who run the world behind the scenes.  It unfortunately rare for someone to come out of this trance as they are usually just euthanized before they ever wake up.

The false left vs right paradigm is what they want to keep you in! It is just a puppet show for the satanic bankster TRASH!

The hallmark of this Trance or hypnotic state is the ignorance of all FACTS which is what the Brave New World is!  The FACTS are blatant everywhere like the earth being FLAT plus also the brutal murder of innocent babies in a blood human sacrifice at the KKK Planned Parenthood murdering clinics.  The Trance takes peoples mind away from this blatant FACT to what if the women was raped or incest which is less than 1% of all abortions.  Thus, 99% of blood human sacrifices of innocent babies to serve satan are for birth control, which is even erroneously named as it simply should be called selfish slothful murder.  Each abortion fucks up the mind of that women for life as they will go the rest of their life trying to justify their extremist deplorable HATE and selfishness not realizing anything.  It is really a mind control trauma that frankly they will never recover from.  It is by design obviously.

The selfish slothful murderers wants to save children’s lives? How fucking inverted is that? Why don’t they shut down then?

Every pro death KKK slavery lefty has the same programmed regurgitation regarding body automomy and bullshit, yet it is a FACT that is ignored that it is NOT their body but someone else’s.  It is simply repulsive and offensive which comes out of these pieces of shit!  May the Rockefeller death shot dispose of all this filthy TRASH!

The only good RACIST Sexist brainwashed RETARDED feminist is one who has already been run over by a truck!

At least unconscious RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH has taken the Rockefeller death shot so they willingly euthanized themselves.  A dead KKK slavery demonrat is a dead RACIST!  Good riddance to the despicable sewage!

Anyone who took the Rockefeller death shot is completely brainwashed and a gullible moron! Depopulation agenda significantly complete!

If a person is brainwashed I assure you they will adamantly deny they are brainwashed.  If a person knows they can be brainwashed, they will admit they are brainwashed and will fight it with all their might.  I am brainwashed and that is why I fight it so much on a daily basis, and I try and fight it for other people also, but the ego which is the sub conscious minds programming is quite a bitch I assure you.

A subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid like Bernays who is a descendent of narcissistic TRASH Frued knew how to destroy free will and decency. That is what ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed sub human beasts do!

Narcissistic RETARDED unconscious vomit KKK slavery demonrat TRASH as a simpleton software program that is full of complete LIES so of course any truth will trigger agent smith!  KKK slavery lefties are simple NOT alive in the least.

If you tell any truth about the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids, their egos go berzerk! Any brainwashed narcissistic RETARD will!

While I have explained this many times, the mind control is designed to invert the thinking of the mind so people believe the opposite of the truth programmed into them by repetition while being unable to comprehend what a FACT is.  In essence the mind control produces narcissists who believe they are right which the human ego disease is while always being wrong.  The ego is the Matrix as it is always logical in its function yet has no logic itself.  Thus, it will believe the exact opposite of this every single time.

If you do not understand the ego psychologically projects by now, you need to figure this out! The inversion is everything! A RACIST hateful intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat will always accuse of what they are guilty!

All operation mockingbird media is written backwards by programmed robots as everything taught in schools is also the opposite of the truth like psychology from narcissistic retards like Jung and Frued.  Modern psychology is pure brainwashing and is pure TRASH!  Figuring out the inversion is very difficult when you mind is inverted itself as your thinking goes the opposite of the correct way eschewing more information.  That is why what I write or say is typically ignored to keep people in the Matrix.  It is how the mind control works to stop people from exiting the Matrix.

All modern psychology taught in schools is completely inverted bullshit! It is all brainwashing to invert the mind to make you a good slave to the banksters!

This inversion of the mind is the reason why the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids can commit acts of terror and then claim you are anti-semitic when telling the truth!  Yet, the faulty inbreds are not even semitic.  The inversion of the mind is in absolutely everything as people’s perception is the opposite of reality as this is what the Trance produces.

The Khazarian’s are NOT real joos nor are they related in the least to the biblical jews! This separation must take place to understand true reality! The Khazarian’s are simply name stealers!

The truth is hate to those who hate the truth, as this Orwell statement is 100% correct!

It is an extremely obvious FACT that RACISM is coming towards white people  fomented by the ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids, but the brainwashed perception of the complete opposite of that isn’t it?

Orwell was trying to tell us about the inversion in his book 1984 written in 1948. All you need is a little reasoning skills to figure it out!!

This inversion is why the ashkeNAZI yids can use projection and get away with all their bullshit!  Obviously they must control the media as that truly does control the minds of mind!  To break out of the Trance a person must turn off all TV “programming” as it is all bullshit working on the sub conscious mind.  The TV will keep the inversion process in place if you do not turn the bullshit off!  I cannot stress this enough!  No movies either as it all has brainwashing in the background or in the story.  TV’s are poison for the mind.  Once you break this habit of watching mind numbing TV, you will literally despise TV’s as I do.  I will never own another one in my life!  It is designed to destroy your thinking without you realizing it.

Fuck the TV’s!! Turn it off!

As is obvious, liberalism is brainwashing 101 and it produces the complete opposite of an open minded liberal, as all mentally deranged morally depraved RACIST KKK slavery demonrats are HATEFUL intolerant prideful closed minded BIGOTS!  KKK slavery lefties are literally braindead!  NO intelligence at all!

Liberalism is pure brainwashing to destroy the individual! It produces closed minded BIGOTS! It is that inverted!

A true open minded liberal rejects ALL liberalism!  I am that true liberal!

I have always rejected leftist thought! I was right!

The Orwellian inversion is real and is created in the mind.  It is what all the mind control does.  That is why you must invert everything for the truth, and I mean everything.

Like there is NO such thing as a white supremacist obviously as that is a term made up by the RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI yids right?

Being a straight while male I assure you the inversion is true of what the ashkeNAZI yid have been doing for me! Their RACIST supremacist bullshit fuels me as I know God is most definitely on my side!
How true is this!

Pro choice is really pro blood human sacrifice right?

The KKK is and always has been a part of the RACIST hateful intolerant BIGOTED slavery democrats right?

And who were the slave traders? It was NOT white people it was the ashkeNAZI yids! The KKK was formed by the free masons and is used as a divide and conquer strategy! They must keep the races confused so they do not see the ashkeNAZI bankster yids behind the curtain!

I have never been a KKK slavery democrat so obviously I am NOT a RACIST!

The group ADL is a RACIST supremacist terrorist pedophile HATE group!

The ugly smelly ashkeNAZI yids simply have an extremist inferiority complex and are very jealous of white people! That is why they are so Racist towards white people! Narcissistic RETARDS!

The inversion NEVER stops and it is kept in place by all the inverted bullshit media!

The Matrix is the ego and the ego inverts a person’s perception of reality.  The ego will always deny the truth!  It is that simple and logical.

The ego is the Matrix. Nothing else. It is that simple yet extremely difficult to figure out with an inverted thinking mind!

The truth fears no investigation in the least!

Gosh, a mass murdering subversive LYING parasitical satanic zionist ashkeNAZI yid said what? Sorry Henry, the truth matters, not what is perceived to be true, to God and you sure as hell are NOT God even though you have deceived yourself with this belief! Enjoy the heat Henry! You deserve it!

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