The intelligent mind!

Very True!

In our modern day dystopian idiocrasy, an intelligent mind knows it will be continuously attacked. Most people living in Plato’s Cave have a reality that is so far from the truth that even the smallest of details will trigger them so they go berserk.  Since everything that has been brainwashed into people over their lives is a complete LIE, it could be almost anything that triggers agent smith to attack.  The smallest of details are the most bizarre aspect of it all, as no detail is small enough to trigger an argument.

How many people do you know who could put together the mechanics of how the Matrix works?

A few years back as I was explaining how the Matrix works which unfortunately I know they were not getting how it factually works, I made a comment that all musicians are democrats.  The group I was talking to did not have any comatose KKK slavery democrats since it was quite known to the whole group that 911 was a controlled demolition, but one of this group who I did not know was a musician and not a democrat.  Even though I had just explained how the Matrix works, the Matrix happened as he went berserk slamming his little briefcase that was on his lap and told me I can’t say that.  I readjusted what I said that the musicians are mostly democrats.  This did not stop the whole room from erupting and telling me over and over again I cannot say that!  I tried to explain that most musicians do too much memorization of their music which denudes their critical thinking abilities and thus creates unthinking drone KKK slavery democrats.  Unfortunately the Matrix had been triggered and the whole room was repeating that I cannot say that.  Most musicians are democrats is the Truth!  The Republican musician who earlier did a presentation stormed out of the room incensed with me and as he was putting on his shoes said he was glad to meet everyone, but not me in the least!  How dare I say most musicians are democrats right? 

Everyone in the room had a Matrix mind and nobody asked me why I say what I say which I could have explained in a Socratic logic dissertation, but once the ego is triggered there is no going back as the mind goes into a loop of confusion.

So he had interrupted me as I was speaking (the subconscious mind when challenged by something it is not programmed with will interrupt, and they will perceive the complete opposite that I did the interrupting.  Quite an irritating occurrence for me I assure you), the meeting was then over abruptly as everyone was going berserk since their egos were triggered, and to everyone in the room I am the bad guy.  It is amazing what a mendacious truth like “most musicians are democrats” can do!

Doesn’t matter what size of the truth from the inane details to the mendacious Holohoax LIE, they all bring out agent smith to attack. It is how the mind control works.

One thing I have no clue about is what exactly will trigger the ego.  It will be different for everyone obviously, but I simply have no clue.  Comatose lefties are obviously triggered when you tell them the truth that they are retarded which in reality they do not have a functioning brain in the least and are not conscious.  I have the ability to put KKK slavery lefties into a coma at will not that I desire to but if they try to regurgitate any of  their programming in my presence, I will use emotion (that is all they have as you cannot reason with them so you must yell at them.  It is very effective and it does not matter one iota what words you say) to put them in their place.  The unfortunate thing is that while I glitch their programming temporarily, unless I have sustained access to them, the unconscious lefty drones will someone how fix their glitch that I caused.  I am serious when I say comatose lefties are a lost cause and since most of them have euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot, why bother right?

The truth is not very popular I assure you!

People question the vernacular that I use as the basis for my linguistic endeavors of KKK slavery democrats vs Republicans, as it merely forms the structure of where I live which is Plato’s Republic America.  Confused Republican’s and their Orwellian Doublethink is really what I fight most often since comatose KKK slavery democrats are not able to even form complete sentences as they typically remain silent when trying to regurgitate their programming when confronted with an open minded liberal like myself. Once I have stolen their fictitious liberal chair, they just fall off and drool.

It is such a disgusting puppet show!

But in dealing with confused Republicans and their programming, after I am called retarded numerous times and my finesse in dealing with them is only emboldening their childish personal attacks on me, they literally force me to linguistically give them an enema or their simpleton personal attacks would not quit.  Their fragile ego desperately tries to protect itself so it invariably forces me to intellectually run them over so they stop.  I can get extremely fierce at will and if I am pushed, I will use words to castrate the narcissistic morons. If that still doesn’t work which it almost always does, then my next goal would be to put them into a coma.  I am sure this is the procedure that all intelligent minds follow, as I try to avoid conflict but invariably it finds me every single time.

The ego is always hiding trying to protect itself! You must admit you have an ego or you will continue to believe the LIES! How many people want to admit they are WRONG? Only the intelligent mind will realize this.

To avoid conflict, the intelligent mind will typically live a life of solitude since it is quite understandable by simply speaking the truth it will bring conflict.  I don’t think anyone likes conflict, but I dislike the LIES of our current morally depraved culture much more than conflict.  Since I understand the mind control creates a bunch of narcissistic arrogant assholes, my truth is never popular. 

This is a very accurate description of how the whole process works.

Intelligence in reality is the difference between confidence and arrogance, and the ability to tell the difference.  Once you can figure this out, the ability to discern whether something is FACT or fiction is very easy.  The reality is I am in any conversation able to tell if I am talking to someone’s ego (programming) or their conscious mind.  Since the conscious mind will always question things and will inquire why I say what I do, there is never any conflict ever.  Every bit of conflict I encounter is from the programmed sub conscious mind since it is programmed with all LIES that I can easily discern.  My confidence easily runs over arrogance.

I can update this to the smarter a person is, the more you will trigger fragile egos! LOL!!

The Matrix we live in is entirely the human ego, and once you understand how the ego works, every answer will relate to how the human ego works.  Unfortunately most people have been programmed in the public brain damaging centers to believe the ego is the complete opposite of what it actually is.  This is done on purpose to keep people in the Matrix as the ego is the hardest puzzle to figure out.  When someone tells me I have a huge ego I respond yes I do.  I tell the truth as we all have an ego and it is impossible not to have one.  But I also explain the ego is pride, bigotry, stubbornness, self centered, etc right?  So then how do I have a huge ego and call myself an open minded liberal which is truly being humble?  Once you figure this puzzle out you will figure the difference between confidence and arrogance. This puzzle is what Socrates was explaining so long ago and many philosophers have done also.  The bible especially in proverbs and psalms plus Jesus’s parables explain this also.

It truly is amazing how the simple truth about the earth being FLAT triggers the ego! And it is so blatantly obvious as it is what you see everyday!

The ego is what produces the inversion in our world where everything good is perceived as bad or hate, while everything horrendously bad like morally repugnant prideful LGBT is accepted.  This inversion is so blatant to me yet I know because the masses ignore FACTS they cannot see it.  The ego which is produced by the brainwashed inverted mind ignores FACTS, always accuseth of what it is guilty, believes it is right, and it always WRONG!  Your KKK slavery demonrats truly are the personification of the ego, as their pride has led to their upcoming demise from the Rockefeller death shot.

I don’t want to live around this whiny ass brainwashed RETARDED shit do you?

Needless to say, I am not popular because I tell the truth, I do not fit into the masses one bit, as I am just a nice guy who is able to put people into a coma if needed. It is what it is!

Things have not changed have they? The public brain damaging centers falsely called schools are TRASH!

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