How much more repulsive can mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats get?

Can this despicable TRASH just die already? Just filthy repulsive vomit!

RACIST unconscious vomit KKK slavery demonrats are now being plied with the absurd notion that men can get pregnant, and the gullible morons will believe it!  The despicable filthy comatose TRASH can be made to believe anything at this point since their TRANCE is in such an intense state, all the propaganda bullshit media has to do is repeat it over and over again for the diseased puke to believe it. KKK slavery leftist TRASH is NOT alive in the least.

Can you tell the inversion yet? I googled this myself and it actually said this shit! The earth is FLAT obviously and if you believe men can get pregnant please exit stage left via the Rockefeller death shot! Comatose KKK slavery leftist vomit will regurgitate this shit I assure you!

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE that spews from the mental invalids is just disgusting as the walking zombies pollute every place they comatose filth is they are such toxic scum at this point.

The beached fat whales on top should be shot but the whales on the bottom should be saved!

Narcissistic KKK slavery demonrats are literally intellectually incapable of listening at this point since they do not have a functioning brain. That is correct as their brain does not work and that is why the RACIST BIGOTED sludge has absolutely no decency and decorum whatsoever! You cannot reason with a brick wall right?  Same principal applies to a comatose KKK slavery demonrat!

AlI brain dead comatose unconscious KKK slavery demonrats I assure you! Having them euthanize themselves willingly makes me want to laugh or cry at the same time! I do see the logic in eliminating these useless eaters so like everything I have mixed feelings!

The gullible morons can be made to believe in this climate change which the satanic pedophiles at the WEF and UN have announced they will use climate change to go to war with Syria, which all that means is Syria does not have a criminal extortion fraud Rothschild central bank.  But yet ignore the chem trails of barium and strontium in the sky all the time?  How is that for ignoring FACTS?

Beware, by the year 2000 we are in big trouble as sea levels will be out of control! How does anyone believe this shit? And they ignore chem trails don’t they? Fuck me!

Shouldn’t having a vegetable like severe dementia pedophile Biden wake people up?  The piece of comatose scum cannot form a complete sentence. 

What a piece of shit right?

I just am astounded that people can be this comatose as all diseased puke lefties are worthless scum.

Narcissistic KKK slavery demonrats are NOT alive!

The sooner the better the Rockefeller death shot takes effect and euthanizes them the sooner they are out of their misery! The rude and offensive behavior is simply repulsive!!

Gosh, the Rockefeller death shot is working as planned! Every day those who took the vaccine have their immune system weakened. It never stops because the death shot is designed to kill you for a depopulation of the gullible morons. I told you so but did most people listen? Of course not!
This about sums it up!

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