The Brave New World!

It truly is amazing how people can ignore blatant FACTS!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, as FACTS or the truth is what triggers agent smith to attack. Every single time.  Tell the truth and get attacked.  It is how the whole system works.

How many people deny the RACIST domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa exist?  Did they not do riots and burn down buildings?  Is this not an obvious FACT?

antifa are part of the zombie Apocalypse! NPC RETARDS!

Unconscious vomit narcissistic RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats do not realize this because they are simply not alive! Republican’s are confused also since they still are mesmerized by the Racist supremacist subversive LYING propaganda media bullshit!

So what part of the false left vs. right paradigm is confusing?

The msm is run by satanic pedophiles. It is that simple and if you watch that complete and utter garbage your thoughts are being manipulated. The only way to wake up to complete reality is to turn the TV “programming” done by useless eating sub human beast maggots who do the mind manipulating TV “programming” is to completely turn it off!

Turn the brainwashing OFF!!

The disgusting filth that is every mentally deranged putrid vulgar prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat is beyond help and thus their impending death from the Rockefeller death shot will be welcomed as every death of a diseased sludge psychologically projecting narcissistic KKK slavery demonrat is a dead RACIST!

Comatose lefties are NOT alive!

If you do not comprehend simple FACTS you will not comprehend the truth or reality in the least.  People who believe they are woke are typically still dwelling in la la land.  All these people who say people need to wake up are still in a complete Trance.  As long as the satanic pedophiles have people conversing in the false left. Vs. right paradigm they are happy.  The gibberish most people write in their blogs is pure nonsense and merely regurgitating the talking points they want you to debate.  None of it is remotely true.

It is a puppet show! None of it is real!!

It is all so tiresome to tell the truth and being accused via psychological projection of LYING, as it is what the unthinking masses do.  They know something is wrong but are so far in a Trance they cannot get out of their way.  Every piece of malfeasance leads to the subversive LYING genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yid fake joos, but since the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING media bullshit doesn’t mention the faulty inbreds, of course it is not something people’s minds hear to regurgitate.  But more and more people are talking about the parasites every day.

The ashkeNAZI yids always accuseth of what the faulty inbreds are guilty! It is that simple!

I present obvious FACTS.  That is all.  And everything I write is blatant FACTS and truth.  The only way a person can ignore what I say is to not look or read it which is exactly what the mind control does.  I do not confirm LIES but tell the uncomfortable truth.  This obviously triggers plenty of egos wherever I go and people protect their fragile ego they call me retarded constantly.  They are merely psychologically projection which I completely understand.

The few control the many! It has always been this way!

The Brave New World is NOT fiction in the least, it is our true reality.  One of the premises of the book is to make women into whores.  Overall this truly has been accomplished.  They want to make babies in factgories and destroy the family.  This is exactly what feminism and LGBT diseased puke vomit is all about. All prideful BIGOTED leftist thought is pure TRASH and is pure brainwashing.

The Rockefeller death shot is the final solution! How much more obvious can it get?

Are not our universities using “liberalism” to create a bunch of docile RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH?

I wish people could comprehend, but the brainwashing produces a bunch of narcissistic fools!

The inversion is just so obvious!

Should I laugh or should I cry?

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    • It is amazing how it can flip from one extreme to the other isn’t it? I laugh at all the absurdities, but cry at the ongoing genocide I am watching in front of my face that I cannot do a thing about.

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