Why being an open minded liberal is the anti-thesis of a narcissistic KKK slavery democrat!

KKK slavery democrats are not conscious, and to have an open mind you must be conscious.  KKK slavery democrats are NOT conscious in the least. All KKK slavery democrats are a polluted thumb drive of misinformation and they have NO intelligence to discern FACT from fiction, as every regurgitation that comes from their mouth is pure programming.  This is why KKK slavery democrats are so rude and offensive all the time while the truth will disagree with their programming so they will go berserk.

Not an insult as all KKK slavery demonrats are NPC’s It is a FACT!

Every KKK slavery democrat is a walking zombie who cannot think, and thus the programmed RETARDS are all part of the zombie apocalypse.  Whatever the comatose morons accuseth, the morally repugnant unconscious vomit is guilty.

RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI yid modus operandi is to accuse their opponents of what they are guilty as that is why they need control of the propaganda media bullshit! If you do not understand what psychological projection is it behooves you to figure it out!

It is an extremely heinous mendacious LIE to call a prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat a liberal since their simpleton programmed minds are closed shut!

If you have trouble figuring out your gender, you are RETARDED! Michael was the giver!

As is obvious by now to anyone with even a semblance of a functioning brain, almost all comatose KKK slavery democrats have willingly euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot to go to the slaughterhouse alone.  The RACIST prideful BIGOTED propaganda news regurgitating dunces have succumbed to their own ignorant pride by choosing themselves to be injected with poison.  It is not my fault they are stupid, and it is a FACT so it is not an insult in the least.

How people cannot figure out this FACT blows my mind!

The programming that permeates almost all people and they do not seem to be able to wake up to it by calling narcissistic KKK slavery democrats liberal is very pronounced, as people go berserk when the truth is told that this is a blatant LIE.  The masses simply do not comprehend simple FACTS via the Brave New World.  The FACTS don’t go away when you ignore them one bit.

The truth requires FACTS because without them you will believe the LIE!

The fundamental logistical basis of the word liberal is open minded.  KKK slavery democrats do not pass this in the least so it truly is HATE speech to call a narcissistic KKK slavery democrat liberal!

Stop it dammit!

The truth does not care about your feelings one bit!

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