1984 is NOT fiction!

All of Orwell’s quotes are extremely accurate!

Seeing how easily manipulated putrid vulgar diseased sludge KKK slavery demonrats are, it should be more than enough to wake somebody out of their slumber especially with vegetable Biden.  The satanic death cult demonrats are a walking conniption fit at this point as the zombies get upset at the most inane trivial thing.  The simple FACT that Republican’s cannot see this is more proof that 1984 is not in the least fiction.

Euthanasia is the only cure! All KKK slavery lefties are pure diseased puke!

Since they are completely unconscious, all a RACIST prideful BIGOTED walking zombie KKK slavery demonrat can do is psychologically project what they themselves are guilty.  I really don’t know how much more obvious it can get to be honest.  Yet the masses will bitch and complain remaining compliant while calling comatose lefties liberal when the braindead repulsive piece of shit cannot even form a complete sentence. The saddest part of all is seeing people saying people need to wake up without the realization they are not awake either as their narcissism that they are awake is what really keeps them in the Matrix.

Unconscious vomit lefties are blatantly showing you they sludge is pure TRASH. Why doesn’t this picture of the piece of effluent wake people up?

The alarm bells are screaming right now but very few can hear them, as the satanic pedophile TRASH keep the false left vs. right paradigm in enough play to control the masses.

The ugly smelly RETARDS sure are narcissists aren’t they?

There are currently people resorting to such extremely heinous despicable insults of calling people narcissistic KKK slavery demonrats as it is obviously the most disgusting thing a person could be accused of since all KKK slavery demonrats are unconscious vomit!

Flush the TRASH! Lefties are simply not conscious!

The one saving factor is that almost all comatose gullible moron lefty TRASH has been euthanized via the Rockefeller death shot. I cannot say I disagree with the satanic pedophiles who run the world on this decision which is truly ironic since our values are diametrically opposed.  At least our destinations are opposed also as the maggots will be in a fiery pit while I enjoy seeing their gnashing of their teeth.

We know where this putrid TRASH is heading!

To accomplish all of this the masses had to be deceived immensely, especially by sorcery which is exactly what pharmakia is, as big pharma is a pure abomination to God.  For every ailment there is for human, there is a plant to help heal you, as even cancer is easily cured.  Occam’s razor applies as it is actually simple, while people have been programmed to believe it requires experts to figure these things out.  But it only requires common sense which is so clearly lacking in the masses.  The public brain damaging centers most certainly have done their job to make sure the masses do not question things.  Satan running the complete and utter bullshit propaganda media funded by these same satanic big pharma scum.

So who are the ugly smelly sub human beasts that control satanic big pharma? Hint: the useless eating maggots falsely call themselves joos!! Fuck your stockholm syndrome!

Once you know the holohoax is a despicable mendacious LIE by the ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed egostically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid maggots and obviously the RACIST supremacist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition of 911, it makes the complete inversion quite simple, as whatever comes out of the mouth of a subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid your know it a LIE.  The schizophrenic psychopaths are intellectually incapable of telling the truth as Hitler so brilliantly showed us in Mein Kampf. It is fruitless to debate the mental midgets as whatever is in their DNA is simply rotten to the core.  The most RETARDED inferiority complex race on the planet thru their criminal banking system runs the planet while the faulty inbred’s should be relegated to hot dog stands at best. This is the Orwellian inversion in a nutshell.  It is truly amazing how the narcissistic gullible morons actually think they are smart and are the master race.  God said satan would rule the world to weed out the chaff and those parables in the bible certainly are true. 

Only the most ardent RACISt supremacists would be against the disposal of the ugly smelly inferior sub human beast maggots!

I am constantly amazed at how when I say the earth as confirmed by the bible is FLAT where people say it doesn’t matter.  So the truth doesn’t matter?  Conspiracy globbery is a satanic lie as this is no different than the mendacious LIE of calling a comatose prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat a liberal.  Both are complete fucking LIES and if a person says it doesn’t matter, then the truth doesn’t matter to them is what they are saying.  This same principal applies to everything since everything is completely inverted.

God shall punish the prideful BIGOTS of the world! That is a FACT!

Pride in ones beliefs is exactly what prevents the truth from being believed, and why the LIES are readily regurgitated.  Pride is the ego is stubbornness is selfish is the belief in oneself while eschewing God.

Pride will lead you to destruction!  Did you know the bible even says that?

Gosh, the bible is right!

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  1. That’s an interesting and appropriate derivative of the word pharma and it’s variations. Sorcery for sure. And of course there is there money magic through usury. Death to many and enslavement of all who survive. Such slime.

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