Narcissism: The bane of humanity!

The mind control that the masses are under is simply immense, and what it does is produce at bunch of narcissists, which is really mimicking who the satanic scumbags is who actually has done the mind control. They do this because a narcissist is self centered and does not question, and in most cases like a comatose KKK slavery lefty, their conscious brain is so fried they no longer can question.  This is a problem.

While righty’s have a semblance of consciousness, all closed minded BIGOTED lefties are not reachable since they are mutes, and it is actually impossible to debate someone who is completely unconscious like a lefty is. Pride is bigotry is NARCISSISM! Narcissism is the I believe I am right disease and it is what makes people very difficult to deal with.

This is the simplest statement of all, yet it is the most difficult statement to figure out.

Narcissism is why mentally deranged morally repugnant rude and offensive KKK slavery demonrats keep spewing their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE as they believe by being emotional they can win an argument devoid of thought.  As we know the satanic death cult lefties just won’t quit.  If they argue with a confused righty their emotion will overtake the righty every time.  In reality they are incapable of even communicating with each other.  The extreme narcissist lefty is literally intellectually incapable of listening while the righty just mostly drools.

I figured out that lefties and really most righty’s are intellectually incapable of listening as no one is once the ego is triggered where they get emotional.  Once in the ego mode, the only thing you can do to combat it is become emotional yourself and you will blow them back.  Doesn’t matter what you say because they won’t listen anyway, but it is how emotional you get.  State a FACT which they won’t comprehend anyway, but do it with force.  People have been scared of me my whole life when I talk politics because it is the only time I actually get emotional.  In being introspective and figuring out my own ego which is the key to it all, I now can not only speak the truth but I can speak it with emotion.  This is the key to what Hitler did and why he was such a powerful speaker.  The problem is you can get people going on the correct path, but their comprehension of that correct path is not so clear to them.

Hitler stated I use emotion for the many, and reasoning for the few.  This will not change just as a philosopher will never win a jury trial, since the masses are moved by emotion while reasoning of why they are emotional is fleeting.  Why?  Because humans are naturally narcissistic and shallow.  That is why they are easily controlled.  This, combined with all the mind control people are under provides the conundrum we live in today.

Hitler could have just stated the schizophrenic psychpathic subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids are extreme narcissists with no intelligence as that is what he is explaining.

This can be illustrated by my discussions on FLAT earth with purported Christians who ignore simple FACTS constantly.  Although this is about FLAT earth, it actually applies to all truths which are ignored.

Here is a response to one who said believing in FLAT earth is my God.

“Is reading the bible your God?

Reading the bible and comprehending the bible and believing it are 2 different things.

The wisdom in the books of Proverbs and Psalms are immense, but it takes not faith to understand them but reason.

Faith without reason is folly.

It is a FACT that Flat earthers in general are very anti-organized religion.  The reasoning behind this is almost all of them are satanic glob believers as they have faith in this free mason extortion fraud NASA lie while they refuse to use reason to research FLAT earth.

You can read the bible without believing it since the amount of verses showing the earth is a flat circle covered by a firmament or dome, plus flat and stationary are immense.  There are zero verses for conspiracy globbery which is actually designed to keep you away from understanding God’s creation.

God exists for FLAT earthers because of the reasoning behind flat earth backed up by the bible, and thus we can have faith backed up by reasoning.

To believe in the glob you must rely on faith only because it has absolutely no reasoning behind it whatsoever.  If you believe water curves, please tell me how far above sea curve you live on our spheret?

You have faith in God like most who purport to be a Christian but you have no reasoned beliefs why you have faith.

FLAT earthers have the reasoned belief that the FLAT earth confirms what the bible states, and this proves to us that there exists a necessary, eternal, supreme and intelligent being.  This is no matter of faith, but of reason.”

Yes, I stole part of that from Voltaire!

Narcissism precludes reasoning unfortunately, so people will believe the LIE they have been programmed with.  His response:

“Let the readers be the judge as they read this conversation carefully.

You elevate FE above Christ. You make FE “God” and “Saviour” when you arrogantly stated: “You cannot call yourself a Christian and still believe in the satanic conspiracy globbery lie! God will spit you out for not seeking truth. The earth is FLAT as stated in Genesis.” There is only ONE NAME under heaven by which people can be saved, and it ain’t Flat Earth. Nobody is saved by calling on “Flat Earth.” Which is why I said you have made FE your god and saviour.

And then you accused me of being too prideful to believe in the Bible. Yet you took Hosea 4:6 out of context. It is the knowledge of God and His law/commandments that is in view here, not your FLAT EARTH. You can’t even read Hosea 4:6 properly, and here you are damning those that don’t believe in your god (FE).

I brought up bible reading to see if you’re someone who is serious with biblical studies or just someone who read in bits and pieces, thinking he knows what he’s talking about when in reality he doesn’t, as clearly demonstrated by your mishandling of Hosea 4:6. No, reading the Bible is not my god, but for someone who quotes and talks about the Bible, he should at least have read through it, which, for some reasons you have a hard time answering.

When I say that I’m not a Flat Earther, this does not mean that I’m against the reasons and arguments that people have for FE. Nor does it mean that I believe the Earth is round. Everyone’s journey is different. My issue is with what you arrogantly said about people not being Christians because they don’t subscribe to the god of FE.”

I did not obviously state the reasoned belief of FLAT earth is my savior, but somehow he didn’t listen to a thing I said and merely accused me of what he is guilty of. This happens to me constantly as I get called retarded on a daily basis! People need to protect their ego so they personally attack. This is narcissism at its best!

Narcissism will view simple FACTS as arrogance merely because of noncomprehension.  So they will accuse you of what they themselves are guilty.  It is a broken record that happens time and time again, as they are in the Matrix completely.

Here is my response:

“Your pride is immense as you did not listen as this is the problem.

You dismiss the bible while purporting to read it and this is arrogance.

You are simply guilty of everything you accuseth, as your opinion that I have misinterpreted Hosea 4:6 has no reasoning behind it and it is a pure ad hominem attack. Your personal attacks on me are merely a result of you being unable to back up your programmed beliefs.

FLAT earth is a reasoned belief not God, as your God and savior appears to be your pride in your beliefs such as the satanic glob LIE.

You have the I believe I am right disease which is very common, while you should be humbling yourself before God.

What other readers of this string believe is not of importance, as it is only God who is worthy to judge.”

How many verses in the bible back up FLAT earth? Zero for conspiracy globbery as you must have faith without reason to believe in it!

When you invert everything, the world is very logical and reasoned, but obviously not in a good way since satanic pedophiles rule the world.  The narcissist simply has a hard time grasping this truth since it is so far from the world view they received in Plato’s Cave by the projections on the wall.  The mind can only take so much as it takes time for it to wake up. Nothing happens overnight as when the seeds are planted it takes time to grow, as the weeds of the programmed LIES need to be eradicated.

Narcissism is the bane to humanity, and the key to consciousness of true reality requires sustained thought.  Seeking truth requires an open mind and significant effort.

Unlearning the LIES is difficult, but it is actually the most important.
Plato’s Cave combined with FLAT earth!

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