Men can’t get pregnant phobia!!

There has been a marked increase is the HATE speech out there that men can’t get pregnant and it is very alarming!  In these challenging and unprecedented times with the amount of absurdities being propagated in the operation mockingbird media, the men can’t get pregnant myth is very hurtful to my feelings since my belly at times has the illusion of being pregnant, especially after a big meal.

CNN is the most trusted name in mendacious fallacies of nonsense has done numerous stories about men getting pregnant so it must be true!

I hope he’s laughing!

We must combat this HATE speech before it gets out of control and triggers fragile egos all over the place creating berserk mania!

If we don’t nip this HATE speech in the bud, it will steamroll into age men can’t get pregnant phobia since I am no longer in the child bearing age!  As we know men do not have biological clocks ticking right?  Just another form of HATE speech if this were to subsist!

I say this because I care!!

And I’m the crazy one?
How does anyone believes this nonsense?

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