Missing person’s report: White Supremacist

We cannot provide a description of this person because it is apparent the propaganda media will call just about anyone a white supremacist if they disagree with murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics. Nowadays if someone is not a screaming lunatic they are obviously a white supremacist right?

Even Candace Owens who is a Black Woman has been called a white supremacist so the parameters of what a white supremacist is is quite broad at this point, so a description is impossible. It’s almost as if this term has been made up or something?  Now what tribe would do such a thing?

Obviously this is a picture of “white supremacist!” FACTS prove this!!

Since I am an open minded liberal I will try to analyze this whole situation.

First, if someone does call themselves a white supremacist are they not being prideful?  If they are prideful they are a BIGOT which precludes being superior in any way right?  Thus by actually calling themselves a white supremacist they are negating being superior in any way and should be called an arrogant asshole.  I personally know of no one who calls themselves a white supremacist so those that are programmed to call themselves one are a very rare bird.

Obviously there are people who believe a white supremacist exists which are typically KKK slavery democrats who are unsure what gender they are. Severe dementia KKK slavery democrat Biden repeats this all the time and it really may just be a code word for him that he needs hospice to change his diaper, which we know all his diapers have been generously donated by the KKK for his crack pipes for the ghetto program.

It appears wikipedia states this term also. Maybe they need their diaper changed like severe dementia Biden? It appears other races are very prideful and BIGOTED! Or like the LGBT they are proud they are unable to figure out their gender and are morally repugnant sexual deviants. So who is this tribe who keeps repeating this? Do they all need their diaper changed?

Who knows as words mean different things to different people right?

Obviously, I am trying to pin down what this term really means since it is repeated over and over again in the propaganda media and the government so conspiracy theorists who still believe this nonsense can regurgitate right?  The government LIES about everything else, but they are telling the truth obviously about this white supremacist thing right?

CNN talks about this term all the time! I hope they have plenty of diapers!

Since my philanthropy this summer is a project to help KKK slavery democrats tie their shoes, I guess I will have plenty of time to ponder exactly what this term means.

I say this because I care!!

It’s almost as if people are brainwashed or something?

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  1. There is also Jewish Pride which reveals itself as Jewish Supremacy,… which is the only real supremacy in existence,…. except the parasitical AshkeNazi are fake Jews.

    “…I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

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