Elon Musk- Is he a savior of twitter?

Twitter really is Orwell’s animal farm, but it is simply online so they stupider animals can regurgitate their misinformation, while being offended by the truth!

Twitter is obviously a haven for the stupider animals on Orwell’s farm, as unconscious leftist TRASH will have their polluted thumb drive subversive LIES programming confirmed, and obviously censor the truth.  It is obviously what twitter designed by darpa to do.

So if it really is a luciferian free mason and genetically deformed RETARDED sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid collection point, would they let that get into someone’s hands who wouldn’t still be doing that?

Lets take a look at Elon Musk.

He has SpaceX right?  But the truth is the earth is FLAT and we have never been into space so this is a fraudulent company only to keep the subversive LIES going from free mason NASA. 

How about Tesla?  So he is producing electric cars that still need to be charged with energy most likely from coal fired plants, and the strip mining of the Lithium for the battery’s is extremely polluting the environment.  Electric cars are anything but clean when you factor in everything and they are a fraud.  Considering Tartaria had electric cars in the 1800’s that ran off the free energy, no pollution, and you never had to fill up, you can see Tesla is the exact opposite of good.

How is this for the inversion when Musk who runs fraudulent make believe space outfit when Tesla knew the earth was FLAT? Tesla would be appalled that Musk used his name for his company, but just more of the inversion right?

Musk also supported Barry Soetoro (Obama) who obviously is a RACIST subversive LYING morally repugnant narcissistic KKK slavery demonrat, who obviously was the receiver from Michael.

We know who the receiver was don’t we?

While Musk will make sycophant leftist disgusting filth go berserk, but then again what doesn’t, he is clearly part of the satanic cabal.  Because people are waking up a little more but not much, this may help keep the Trump Support syndrome righty’s more docile.  The amount of comatose lefties is dwindling as even some of them are being aroused.  Vegetable Biden is obviously extremely pathetic.

Thus, in the spirit of everything is a puppet show, this move will probably keep some righty’s from waking up more as their goal is obviously to keep people in the false bankster left vs. right paradigm, as they do not want people waking up and becoming open minded liberals like myself.

I am obviously not a Trump supporter, but this picture accurately displays what a putrid vulgar diseased sludge narcissistic RACIST Sexist KKK slavery demonrat has been turned into. They cannot be saved as it is best to encourage the filth to get the Rockefeller death shot so they end their miserable existence. As an anti-Racist like I am, that is my strategy at this point.

Isn’t it amazing how all the closed minded comatose lefties on twitter are freaking out due to their severe intellectual deficiencies about having a debate that they literally cannot with an open minded liberal like myself?

Comatose lefties simply have NO intelligence as they are polluted thumb drives of misinformation!

Did Orwell get the inversion right or what?

The truth upsets comatose lefties fragile egos! The programmed retards are unable to regurgitate their programming when the truth is spoken so they go berzerk!
All of Orwell’s quotes are entirely accurate. He did not write fiction in the least!

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