ZOMBIE Apocalypse!

Every day is another day living a bit part in a movie for me, as I can not get enough information (Obviously I do not watch operation mockingbird msm but merely their bloopers)  while other spurn information because it does not fit into their programmed beliefs.  I process FACTS instantly and can extrapolate what they mean out just like that, while pretty much anyone else will look at information and immediately dismiss.

The neuro toxin flouride being put in the water to make people dumb is probably the biggest controlling factor out there. Good for your teeth? Sorry, that is how this communist tool was sold to you as it is just extremely bad for your mind! Flouride causes a multitude of health issues and should be avoided at all costs!

I am always trying to wake people up and I know every little bit helps, as I gave this to a Republican who still watches Fox and Oann propaganda.  He knew of the Rothschild’s but not the Khazarian mafia.  He read it for a few seconds and quickly dismissed since as his mind cannot extrapolate out what this really implies.  It obviously implies we are slaves to the banksters as their satanic system controls us, especially our minds.  Until you realize and process this, you are most certainly a slave Neo.

This is how our corrupt satanic system works. Blackmail with pedophilia? All politicians are narcissists and they know how to manipulate them!

When you extrapolate this out as the satanic Rothschild established the RACIST supremacist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL, then knowing the subversive LYING genetically deformed inbreds did the controlled demolition of 911 makes total sense. But without comprehending FACTS, this connection is not made.

13 stripes on the US flag? Represents the 13 illuminati families who control the world, with the Rothschilds at the head is what I have figured out. Of course their tentacles are everywhere. I don’t know how they sleep at night, and they obviously deny their upcoming destiny. I would not want to be them on judgement day! They deny God while being extreme narcissists and believe they themselves are God!

The zombies mind which is controlled by their ego is simply unable to connect the dots.  And the ego will always accuse you of what it is guilty to protect itself as the ego does not want to be known.  This is a FACT so the conundrum is the ego ignores this keeping the programmed beliefs locked in place.  Once again, getting the mind to start questioning which is really the start button, is very difficult.

The ego is the brick in the wall as Pink Floyd said, and it must be broken down for the truth. A person must recognize their own ego or wall exists, or they will not attempt to break it down. The ego doesn’t want you to know it exists so it will blind you to the FACT the wall exists.

The one good thing about having such a comatose severe dementia selected moron such as Biden as President as he does help more people wake up a little.  Like all KKK slavery democrats, his RACISM and HATE is immense as the narcissistic rude and offensive idiot proves just callous he is by his attempt to kill the underclass with the crack pipes for the ghetto program.  Killing the poor they call racial equality!  I am amazed every day that people cannot see this inversion.

It’s even a clone, not the real RETARDED Biden.

While a Republican is bad enough, looking into the eyes of a KKK slavery democrat you can see nobody is home.  All they are is a walking satanic software program.  Saw a video of a car on fire in Seattle home of zombies galore, while some guy takes a leak on the sidewalk.  There is no saving a lefty as their mind has been completely obliterated via our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools.  Obviously our corrupt government agrees since practically all of them have been euthanized via the Rockefeller death shot.  I love the inversion where people get mad at me for bringing this up, but not the synagogue of satan 666 faulty inbreds who are killing people for profit off this.  It’s anti-semitic you know, yet the subversive LYING parasites are NOT even semitic.  Just another FACT to be ignored right?

Notice the star of remphan 666 next to all the subversive LYING inbreds? Gosh, the propaganda media deflects from this FACT don’t they? Their father is the devil is a FACT! Sons of Cain!! Descendents of Japath, not Shem!!

It doesn’t matter what item I am debating, the Matrix or programming which is the ego or subconscious mind gets in the way.  The ego does not listen as long as this is the case, they will not question their programmed beliefs that are devoid of FACTS.

The Brave New World is exactly where we are, as the hallmark of it is the ignorance of even the simplest of FACTS.  The truth is very offensive to the zombies since it disagrees with all the LIES the masses have been programmed with.  Kathy O’Brien’s book “The Tranceformation of America” which was written in the 1990’s shows how true it is, but it is even worse today.

Watching all the absurdities every day while they are all ignored blows my mind!

The zombie movies like dawn of the dead and others unfortunately are real, as the zombie apocalypse is not coming, it is here.   

Simply, the satanic narcissists who rule currently are LYING murdering thieves. It is the people who don’t want to rule who should rule. Just more of the Orwellian inversion.

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