The internet of LIES!

The internet is full of LIES and is designed for the brainwashed to post and regurgitate, as most people cannot figure out fact from fiction.  Part of the Brave New World where people cannot comprehend or ignore FACTS is needed to keep this illusion going.  It is just repulsive to actually do an evil google search at this point.

Google is pure evil and just a bunch of subversive LIES!!

The internet is controlled by the ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids, who all need the despicable holohoax LIE and Matso balls shoved up their asses until their anus bleeds!

The RACISTS who defend these useless eating self proclaimed chosen ones by satan are just repulsive!! Joo is just a fancy word for a parasitical urinal as the whole infernal race destiny is the fiery pit!

The most disgustingly subversive LYING inferior RETARDED race on the earth!

Our public brain damaging centers have done a very good job of dumbing people down so they are good obedient slaves. The FACT so many people coming out of college are mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST comatose HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH proves this.  The government has obviously euthanized this zombie filth on purpose with the Rockefeller death shot. Lefties are simply not alive so this may be the best to end their lives anyway.

Public brain damaging centers are a complete abomination!! Shut them down!! Sending children to schools at this point is child abuse!

But google, jootube, twitter, any search engine like duckduckgo who uses google tainted algorithms, are simply feeding you more propaganda to back up the operation mockingbird media nonsense.  The TV literally is your enemy as it is brainwashing you in more ways than one.  And the zombies do not realize a thing. It is a complete puppet show.

Twitter is where the zombie apocalypse plays out!! A sounding board for all the stupider animals on Orwell’s farm!

You can still go into a good library and order books to get good information on the truth, but it is only the few that do that as most people are too lazy so they do a google search to get absolute dogshit, and believe it.  The saying really should be if it is on the internet, it’s a fucking LIE!! I can’t stand people posting links from the internet in a debate. It only proves to me they cannot think. When I wasn’t awake I did not read many books at all. Now I am one of the bookstores biggest customers. Evil Amazon most certainly does NOT get my business! The truth is out there, but you must search for it.

Zappa knew!!

Here is a poll for you to take!

How many years ago did the RACIST supremacist RETARDED psychologically projecting subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids make up the fictitious term “white supremacist?”

  1. 5 years ago
  2. 7 years ago
  3. 10 years ago

I don’t think you will find my polls in the operation mockingbird media will you?  But my polls which I do all the time are the truth.

I have white male privilege so I can say anything I want. If someone tells me I have white male privilege I use my privilege to provide a linguistic enema shoving their RACISM and SEXISM up their fact ignoring ASS!!

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