Matrix collage of memes!

Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, the Matrix, and Plato’s Cave are NOT fiction in the least! Collage of memes that are completely true!

The masses are completely controlled by the ego so obviously people like Freud and Jung’s goal was to control people so they put out a false definition of what the ego is to confuse the masses so they never figure it out. My conversations with a programmed psychologist proved this as all he had were programmed regurgitations, could not understand what I said, and accused me of not understanding what he regurgitated. Very egotistical with the I believe I am right disease as obviously he was protecting his practice and money source which is exactly how people are controlled thru materialism.

One of the responses to the psychologist (This was 5 years ago btw)

It is very clear to me that your training is designed around the premise to keep people quiet, or as I say bigots.  This may sound harsh, but the truth always is harsh in the Orwellian world. Our whole system right now keeps people from discussing what is really going on such as “Don’t talk politics.”  The reason this is programmed into people is for control of the masses.  If people don’t talk, then they remain docile little subservient monkeys.  That is what the supposed elite want. 

When everyone wakes up and this needs to be done, then they are in trouble and all we need to do and get rid of the chains. You still have the chains and are still watching the puppet show in Plato’s cave.  You have questions, but you are busy making a living and don’t have enough time to really delve into what really is wrong.  But you know something is wrong.

Since you are a White Male, are you racist or sexist?  According to a programmed KKK slavery Democrat you are just for being a White Male. But this is all it is, a program input by the ashkeNAZI yids or should I say fake Joos because they are really Satanists.  Your mind may not be ready to receive this message and if it isn’t, then you literally will not see this. The human mind is no different than your computer.  Once you understand this, figuring out how it works is pretty straight forward.  The elite do not want you to know this. 

If you would like to dispute any of my claims, I would love to discuss it.  I am an open minded liberal and love discussions.  Unfortunately, most people are scared of me because I tell too much truth and they cannot compete with me due to my superior logistical intelligence. Just like how the Orwellian World works, because they cannot actually comprehend what I say, they call me stupid because of their stupidity.  They call me racist because of their racism. They call me a bigot because of their bigotry. This is how the brainwashing and inversion works! Brainwashing 101 or psychological projection is calling your opponent what you are.  Trust me, I do not bite!

Please confirm that you received this email and read it.  I would love to have a discussion on this.

Obviously I was trying to deprogram him as I knew how he was programmed, but the ego refuses to listen as it believes it is programmed right, while everything they are programmed with is completely WRONG!

The Matrix is the ego, nothing else, and it inverts reality. Definitions on the ego in the main stream are FALSE to keep the masses in a state of confusion.

Everything is a LIE, and it is the ego as it is a LIAR!
History taught in schools is a complete LIE!
Government means mind control!
Plato’s Cave is very real!!
You have to want to exit the Matrix, but most would rather die than give up their life long illusions!
The masses live lives of quiet desperation!
Very few understand the simple Truth!
The truth triggers the ego which is agent smith!
Things have not changed!!
I am frequently in the minority of one!! That does not distract from the Truth!
The propaganda media run by the genetically deformed RACIST inferior ashkeNAZI yids at least is starting to fail!!

Turn off your yid TV!!
When you want to make people angry, just tell them the truth!! LOL!!
All True!!
The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, and being offended when FACTS are stated. Facts are name calling! LOL!!
I have not read all these books, but they do spell out the truth if you have critical thinking to extrapolate it all!
This is the rejection of simple FACTS when their programmed opinions disagree!
We keep repeating history because the history we have been taught is all nonsense! You have to search (Not evil google) to figure it out, but you can!
To exit the Matrix you must erase everything you have been programmed with. That includes your ego which believes it is right!
Everything to control you depends on the ego! Always has and always will be!!

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