Free mason extortion fraud NASA to offer free gender counseling services!

In these unprecedented and challenging times for NASA as people wake up to their massive fraud of their cartoon CGI images, the least the free mason actornots can do is help those with gender dystopia by giving them cartoon CGI images of their private parts to help those who are unable to drop their shorts to realize observable reality.

Who was the first supposed man on the moon? The cameraman!

Comatose mentally deranged progressive KKK slavery democrats are especially thrilled since at this point they have progressed completely from stupid to insane!  Vegetable Biden has been drooling profusely for days over this!  Even 2 bit whore Harris has opened her legs even further in glee which  was difficult to open them much more.

KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive I assure you! This is a FACT!

Instead of spewing their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and usual BIGOTRY over this announcement, KKK slavery lefties have made plans to actually put water into the intellectual children’s pool they use for their high diving practice.  This will help muffle the echo’s that are heard for miles when they do this.

KKK slavery lefties who are the fags like to project onto others by calling them a faggot! It is what their simpleton programming does! It gets old!

Free mason extortion fraud NASA is obviously reeling over this on our blatant FLAT earth, as they plan on doing an adoption program on soccer and basketballs with superglued water to them since it is obvious water does not stick to a spinning ball any other way.  Conspiracy globberyists are ecstatic about this development since they are despondent over free mason’s loss of the technology to go to the moon not that they even had it as you cannot land on plasma.  Stanley Kubrick who actually filmed the moon landing in Arizona is rolling over in his grave over this exciting and unprecedented announcement!

It is so absurd I kick myself by believing in that absolute bullshit!

It is anticipated that millions of mentally deranged gender dystopian KKK slavery democrats will be helped to actually identify private parts this way, as their hope is they will be able to name the 2 types another 438 different ways while drool profusely in the convoluted confines of their dystopian farcical open cavity that they erroneously believe is a brain, but is merely a software program of useless mush.

Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and sure as hell does NOT produce an open mind in the least!

Due to the simple FACT that the vast majority of KKK slavery demonrats have selected themselves to go to the slaughterhouse alone by taking the Rockefeller death shot, free mason extortion fraud NASA will be rushing this program into existence so at least the gullible morons will have the opportunity to figure out their proper gender before they pass from their despicable ignorant prideful BIGOTRY!

So who is behind the Rockefeller death shot? The usual RACIST supremacist subversive LYING parasites! Of course the narcissistic genetically deformed faulty inbreds have fragile egos if you point this out!

Orwell did not write fiction did he?

The earth is FLAT with a dome or firmament as stated in the bible!

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